17 Jan 2013

Silvia Dimitrova will knock you off your chair!

Holy freakin’ Batman.. stop what you’re doing right now and get ready for a total gush fest !!!  Here’s Bulgarian bombshell Silvia Dimitrova posing in a variety of sexy lingerie from Ann Summers and making everyone’s jaw drop straight to the floor thanks to her ridiculously sexy body.

Good lord, I don’t even think if I can find the right words to describe this massive photoshoot. This babe’s body rocks like AC/DC in skimpy lingerie and… I’m happy to say that this lingerie from Ann Summers is one of the sexiest and most drooling inducing lingerie that I’ve ever had the pleasure of gawking at.

And Silvia looks absolutely perfect from head to toe in this lingerie. And from front to back. And back around again. This photoshoot has exactly 100 photos so.. you should probably tell everyone that you’re going to be busy for the next hour or so. Enjoy!