10 Jul 2017

Signs That Prove You Got Hooked Up Pretty Early

Getting married is not necessarily a bad thing. In fact, getting a life partner, one whom you can rely on, and who also relies on you, can bless you with a meaningful life.


There are certain times, however, in one’s life, when you enter a lifetime arrangement and find out that you’ve struck the bell too soon. Marriage, kids, even a new house, can be problematic if not done for the right reasons. Here are some telltale signs that you got hooked up pretty early, my friend, and unfortunately for all the wrong reasons.

When you feel that you were just pressured.

Settling down with someone for life should be your own decision and yours alone. You should not be pressured into doing it by anyone else. Not by your friends, not by society and public opinion, not even by your own family.

If you haven’t lived under the same roof with your partner.

Don’t know your partner’s living habits? Uh-oh. While moving in with your partner could pressure you to just get on with it and get married rather than move out, it can also help you get to know your partner better, on a more intimate basis (yes, more intimate than sex!). living under the same house for quite some time would show you guys how compatible you really are, and if you can really live inside a space for a prolonged period of time without killing each other.

You have not discovered who you really are yet.

You wake up beside someone else, and that someone else is beaming…glowing even…with all her beautiful possibilities, her dreams that are almost within her arm’s reach. You reach within you and feel nothing. You don’t know what’s driving you. You don’t know what you really want in life. You don’t even know why you’re alive. That’s a problem. A shell would find true love difficult.

Marriage is a wonderful thing, when you’re with the right person, at the right place and time.