12 Mar 2013

Sigh.. Marloes Horst showing off her sweet curves

I really think I’ve seen Dutch supermodel Marloes Horst showing off her perfect little curves in skimpy lingerie hundreds of times now, but for me personally, it’s still not enough. And that’s because I totally melt whenever I see her awesome body and adorable smile. I don’t even care what she’s wearing, as long as I see new photos with this peach, I’m uber happy.

That’s the case right now.. here’s Marloes dropping the sexiness in lingerie, swimwear and sleepwear from the new, summer collection from Next and looking like a supernova of hotness in the process. This girl is one of my favorite models to gawk at and, if you still don’t know why, these photos will probably speak for themselves.

I’ve said it many, many times before and I’ll just say it again, she’s so damn sweet it hurts. I’m surprised I’ve managed to write this much right now because I’m almost speechless every time I have to do a new post on this girl. Enjoy!