22 Mar 2015

Showbiz Hottie: The timeless Reese Witherspoon


If we had special places for blondes with blue eyes in our hearts; then those with rocking bodies and a hell of a big-screen portfolio take up a whole estate – case in point? Our Showbiz hottie for the day, Reese Witherspoon. Equipped with a sexy smile, a set of non-aging curves, and a huge arsenal of blockbuster hits (we cannot stress enough how many silver screen hits she’s made!) under her belt, Reese Witherspoon has given us more than a lot of reasons to be crushing on her.

A veteran in the acting industry, scoring her first casting back in 1990 in The Man in the Moon, this Louisiana sweetheart has been making men’s hearts beat for almost two decades now, but we totally understand. For those of you there who don’t, scroll down below and behold the Reese Witherspoon magic.

(via aceshowbiz.com/contactmusic.com)