19 Jun 2015

Showbiz Hottie: Sexy Songstress Cher Lloyd

If you’ve ever wondered whether consolation prices are worth celebrating for, then this next beauty will put an end to your doubts. After finishing fourth in the reality competition TV show The X Factor, she still managed to be one of the top recording artists of today.

English singer Cher Lloyd has definitely broken the stereotypes of losers. No matter what number she placed, she was bound for stardom with her addicting hooks and an eye candy that can turn heads. With a body like hers who cares about all the tattoos that she has on her body.

She may already have several hits under her belt, but that doesn’t mean she’s out of the radio just yet. She will be releasing a new single soon and we are definitely looking forward to it. Take a look below to see what’s she’s all about.

(via hqdiesel.net/lazygirls.info)