22 Jun 2015

Showbiz Hottie: Sexy Presenter Fearne Cotton

There’s more than one way to grace our television screens besides acting and singing. This next beauty is a talker who can charm you with her sultry voice and her clever wordplay. If she can’t seduce you with her words, then maybe her pictures below will.

English babe Fearne Cotton is a television and radio presenter who has established herself as the go to girl for presenting popular television programs. There probably isn’t a TV program that she hasn’t presented yet. I may be mistaken, but she might as well be. With her expertise combined with her short blonde locks, she’s bound to be the center of attention.

With eyes like hers staring at you urging you to watch her longer, you’ll be stuck on the spot unable to change the channel. If she has the capability of attracting viewers, then it’s time to take a look below and see if you’ll be able to turn away.

(via theplace2.ru/listal.com)