24 Sep 2017

Showbiz Hottie: Rachael Taylor, Tailor-Made Blonde Babe

Blonde lovers unite because our Showbiz Hottie for today is none other than Rachael Taylor, one of the most beautiful blonde beauties in television today. And why do I say she’s tailor-made? Because she is everything you want in a hottie and more.

She has the perfect golden hair, the sizzling hot beach bod, pink lips, crystal eyes – like I said, she’s a beaute. Want more of her? She’s currently in Netflix’s Jessica Jones along with the equally hot Krysten Ritter, and coincidentally, she’s here in Brosome with a gallery full of her hottest pictures! Please scroll down and enjoy. Do keep your jaws from dropping.

(via superiorpics.com/listal.com)