25 Jul 2017

Showbiz Hottie: Kelly Clarkson Proves That Being Sexy Doesn’t Depend On Weight

Here is a sad reality. Being sexy, is still mostly based on numbers. How big the bust is, how small the waistline is, and how big the butt is. Those three numbers that determine how close a woman’s body is to an hourglass. And this reality drives a lot of ladies nuts! Perfectly beautiful girls who don’t even know they’re sexy as it is. What’s even more disappointing is that a lot of us guys don’t help. We just tend to view 36-24-36 women as sexier. The collection of hotties we have here in Brosome is a testament to that.

This is the reason why I am simply more than happy whenever we feature hotties like Kelly Clarkson who prove that being sexy is more than just those three numbers. It doesn’t really have to do anything without your weight, but your outlook in life and your personality. Take her pictures for instance. She might not be as skinny as before during her American Idol days but she is definitely sexier now.

(via contactmusic.com/listal.com)