18 Dec 2015

Showbiz Hottie: Multi-Talented Entertainer Katie Aselton

American beauty Katie Aselton is more than just a successful actress. She is also a film director and a producer, which is pretty much impressive already since she has broadened her scope within the entertainment industry. Having starred in a movie she directed which was titled The Freebie showcased at the Sundance Film Festival, she’s already making a name for herself in front of and behind the cameras.

But of course we prefer her within the four corners of our screens. Why waste such breathtaking beauty when we can clearly see her stunning good looks once in a while.

She’s another woman who proves to the world that beauty does age gracefully and she still has what it takes to compete with the rest of the hotties in this list. Take a look below.

(via superiorpics.com/lazygirls.info)