12 Apr 2017

Showbiz Hottie: Kate McKinnon, With A Sexy Sense Of Humor

Who doesn’t love a lady with a sense of humor? I know I do. First, she knows how to make you laugh, and second, you won’t get thrown under the bus if you make a bad joke because someone will laugh with you! It doesn’t make it all the less awkward, but it would still feel a whole lot better knowing that there’s another awkward person in the room. A match made in heaven.

And this is why I like Kate McKinnon. She never fails to crack me up. That, and because she’s hot. Hello?! Only really hot ladies could pull off that ridiculous sweater she wore in the movie, Office Christmas Party. Ask Morena Baccarin and her iconic red sweater from Deadpool.

(via zimbio.com/pinterest.com)