21 Sep 2017

Showbiz Hottie: Kat Dennings, The Girl Whose Boobs Is A Two-Syllable “Damn!”

Kat Dennings is a brunette lover’s dream babe. Dark hair, full red lips, and really big boobs. What more can you ask for? Plus, as an additional bonus, she’s got an awesome sense of humor. Have you ever watched an episode of the television series Two Broke Girls? You don’t even have to know the story nor the characters. You just have to watch it and prepare to laugh out loud.

She uses the same formula in Marvel’s Thor franchise too. I would have to say though that my favorite Kat Dennings movie would be Nick And Norah’s Infinite Playlist. The story is perfect for a music geek like me, plus the sound track’s awesome so it’s a win-win! See more of Kat’s glorious boobs down below.

(via superiorpics.com/hq-pictures.com)