4 May 2017

Showbiz Hottie: Eleanor Tomlinson, Girl With Fiery Hair Who Can Set You On Fire

Let me tell you a secret. I don’t like Nicholas Hoult that much. I am not a huge fan. Sure, I admit, he was cool in Mad Max with that shaved head of his. Reminds me a bit of Floki, my favorite character in Vikings, well next to Lagertha, that is.

With this, you can tell that I wasn’t really excited to watch Jack The Giant Slayer. So, how was I able to endure the film, you ask? It’s all thanks to Eleanor Tomlinson! Man, that hot red-head can truly set your body on fire with her own sizzling body! Plus, don’t you think she has one of the most sincere eyes you’ve ever seen?

(via zimbio.com/hqdiesel.net)