28 Feb 2015

Showbiz Hottie: Godsend Diane Kruger

Amidst the outpour of testosterone in Troy, there lies one goddess who managed to launch a thousand ships: Diane Kruger.

After such a successful film, the 38-year old German actress has snagged even bigger roles and massive-budget movies. Who wouldn’t want her in the roster? She’s extremely talented and ridiculously attractive.

A former fashion model, Diane Kruger is the embodiment of class and elegance. She’s the kind of woman we’d want by our side because really, everyone else will drown in the room or dissolve into meaningless particulates.

Since she’s been with lil boy Pacey from Dawson’s Creek for quite some time now, there is hope among us mediocre-looking men that we may soon bag a beauty such as her.

For now, let’s go enjoy these photos of her, shall we?

(via acidcow.com/hollywoodlife.com)