30 Jul 2017

Showbiz Hottie: Christina Perri, She’ll Take Your Heart With A Song

The most dangerous hotties for me are not those with big boobs or bubbly butts (though I find them dangerously tempting too), but those who can take my heart away with a song, like Christina Perri.

Remember that Twilight song which made everybody fall in love, regardless if it was a song about sparkling skinned vampires? Yes, A Thousand Years, that one. How many years did it take before the world recovered from that song? I can’t even count how many weddings played that song and how many couples choose that as their theme song.

That’s Christina Perri for you. Careful, she can make you fall in love with her hot pictures too, and she doesn’t even need to sing as she does it.

(via zimbio.com/contactmusic.com)