11 Feb 2015

Showbiz Hottie: British Beauty Queen Amy Willerton

There are a ton of British babes out there, but none like Amy Willerton. For starters, she looks like Cindy Crawford so you could imagine memories of our pre-adolescent bedroom activities coming back.

The 22-year old has made her mark as beauty pageant babe, becoming Miss Bristol in 2010, Miss Baths in 2011, Miss London in 2012 and Miss England on the same year. She later on set a record for being in Miss Universe’s top 10 since Karen Moore back in 1983.

She’s not your typical busty blonde. She’s outgoing, adventurous and is packed with a 100% fun personality. Amy Willerton is a keeper. Too bad we’re not the ones keeping her.

For now, these sultry photos of the beauty queen should do us just fine.

(via gotceleb.com/theplace2.ru)