21 Jun 2015

Showbiz Hottie: Blonde Bombshell Sacha Parkinson

Who could have thought that tea and biscuits could lead to the greater good for humanity. The British never disappoint with their beautiful ladies of the big and small screens and this next babe is definitely not one to miss.

English actress Sacha Parkinson is known for her regular role as Sian Powers in the long running series Coronation Streets and she’s landed several roles post-series. With her gigs like Fright Night 2 and My Mad Fat Diary, one would think that she’s too busy to keep her body in shape. Not her though. Her smokin’ hot body in the tabloids are enough proof for that.

Her charming smile definitely attracts many men. But that’s not the only feature she likes to show off. Her busty physique and blonde hair more than satisfies the fans of this hot babe. Take a look below to see more of her stunning looks.

(via celebwallpaper.org/egotastic.com)