26 Nov 2016

Showbiz Hottie: Blake Lively “Mrs. Deadpool”

My love story with Blake lively started with Gossip Girl. Okay. I will not be ashamed to admit. I watched the damn series. Why? Because of Blake and Leighton. But let’s focus on Blake, because seriously, she’s the hotter chick. And she’s blonde! No offense to the fans of Leigh. She’s hot too, and she’ll get her own Showbiz Hottie feature, I’m sure.

Anyway, the television series was the only way for me back then to see this hottie strip and do intimate scenes – even if, for the most part of the show, they were discreet and censored..you know…for TV purposes.

Slowly, we witnessed how Blake climbed up unto the very top, until that fateful day that she married Deadpool. Seriously. How can we even compete Ryan freakin’ Reynolds?!

(via hq-pictures.com/superiorpics.com)