20 Jan 2015

Showbiz Hottie: Bianca Van Varenberg Kickas Ass

We’re not always just about supermodels strutting down the runway or busty babes bending over backwards. We do have a soft spot for fit girls.

Bianca Van Varenberg or better known as Bianca Bree is one hot chick you don’t want to mess with. She’s the daughter of all around badass Jean Claude Van Damme and ex fitness competitor, Gladys Portugues. Not only does she have the perfect body. She’s also one very gorgeous looking lady.

At a very young age, she learned karate, kickboxing, figure skating and ballet. Being the smart girl that she is, Bianca Van Varenberg then decided to tag along with her dad in going to film sets and business trips. It wasn’t long until she formally studied acting. Thanks to her hardcore training, the 24-year old uber fit bombshell has scored roles in films like Assassination Games, Six Bullets and Full Love.

It’s safe to say that we’d definitely take a beating from Bianca Bree any time of the day. While we wait for that to happen, we’ve lined up some of her sexiest photos below.

(via listal.com/imdb.com)