9 Jul 2017

Showbiz Hottie: Anne Hathaway, You ALWAYS Make My Day

Do you have a particular lady who can turn your day around? It doesn’t have to be a celebrity. It can be your mom or your wife. It can be anyone really. For me, though, that would be Anne Hathaway. And it depends on my day, really.

When I’m with my young nieces and I REALLY need to watch something with them, it will be Brokeback Mountain. KIDDING. It would either be Ella Enchanted or Princess Diaries. Good thing I can now sway them with Alice in Wonderland. When I’m with a special lady and it’s dinner and movie at home, that would either be One Day, or Love And Other Drugs, or The Devil Wears Prada. But when I’m alone, it’s usually The Dark Knight Rises. OR any of the other films I’ve mentioned above. Don’t judge. I am really a total sucker for Anne Hathaway.

(via hq-pictures.com/hqdiesel.net)