14 Nov 2016

Showbiz Hottie: Amanda Bynes, One Tough Chick To Crack

Wow, when life gave her a rollercoaster, she just rode it – for all of the media vultures to feed on her! But you’ve got to hand it to this babe. She’s one tough chick to crack. And that, is what makes her a real hottie.

We’ve seen her become the darling of the camera from a very young age, and just like other child hotties-to-be given LOTS of money to ruin their life, she did exactly that and like Britney and Lindsay, she fell from grace.

But the story doesn’t end there. She gets up, enrolls to a fashion school and proves us all wrong. There is a path to a second chance – and she’s proven it! And by the gods, through all of that, she remained hot still.

(via superiorpics.com/theplace2.ru)