18 Sep 2017

Showbiz Hottie: Alison Brie, The Third Franco…The Hot One.

Not that I don’t think that Dave Franco and his brother James are not hot, but come on, they’re guys. I won’t get a hard on seeing them naked. But Dave Franco’s wife, Alison Brie? Now that’s another story.Too bad she’s a Franco already, I would’ve wanted to change her name into my own last name…but well.

I miss seeing her on television though. Too bad both Community and Mad Men ended two years ago. I miss my regular dose of Alison Brie when I get home from an exhausted day at work and just want to binge watch or laugh out loud, or both. Good thing we have created an entire gallery full of her sexy pictures right here. I can just visit this page whenever I miss her.

[VIA radass.com/coed.com]