15 Apr 2015

Showbiz Hottie: Ageless Babe Alicia Silverstone

Who ever said the 90’s was dull probably hasn’t seen any of today’s showbiz hottie’s on screen antics. Alicia Silverstone everyone. Her, and a montage of sexy smiles and brown eyes.

“Award” is apparently a word Alicia is familiar with, having been an awardee of multiple award-giving bodies back in her prime. 38-year old Silverstone has been gracing the big screen as well as had TV appearances for a little over two decades now.

She’s also played some of the more iconic roles of our younger years including being Batgirl to George Clooney’s Batman. We have a few photos of why her fame wasn’t wasted only for the 90’s.

(via galleryhip.com/theplace2.ru)