4 Feb 2017

Showbiz Hottie: Addison Timlin, The Hottie Of Tomorrow

One thing that amazes me about Addison Timlin is how she is slowly creeping up the hotness ladder without us even noticing it. She started as a pretty young thing way back in 2005. But, like I said, slowly but surely, by starring in different television series, Addison Timlin continues to wow us by improving – and turning sexier at every role.

I hope to see more of her in the future. Mostly, I am intrigued at how hot she’s going to become. I know, I know, she is still far from competing head to head with the legendary hotties that dwell within our website’s pages, but someday…SOMEDAY, I am a hundred percent sure that this hottie will be as hot as any of the other hotties featured here at Brosome.

(via listal.com/superiorpics.com)