21 Oct 2013

Show hot angel Lily Aldridge some love

She’s baaaaaaaack! Lily Aldridge is back baby! This time, we’re going to turn into sticky jelly as she poses wearing nothing but Victoria’s Secret tiny, sexy outfits. Well, it think it’s obvious: Lily, we love you too! God damn, you’re the sweetest girl ever!

I love when Lily brings her drool inducing and sexy little self and while prances around, in front of us, making sure we bow to her hotness. I also love her duality, I mean.. when she’s on the beach, she’s so naughty you can’t wait to get her in the bedroom, but when she’s posing in the bedroom, she’s ultra cute, so you can’t wait to take her to the beach. Girl, you drive me crazy!

Lily Aldridge has the undeniably talent of teasing us to death with her foxy appearance and she’s absolutely gorgeous in these photos, as per usual. This babe is surely a handful, and damn.. if I don’t wish I’d get my hands on her sweet, fine and luscious body lines. Lily is a sexy angel and here she is again, unleashing her insanely slender curves, perky bosom and killer legs in lingerie and.. well, just look at her! Enjoy!