12 Jun 2017

A Short History Of Sex Toys

Have you ever wondered how sex toys have come about? Here is a short history on our favorite sexy implements.

Sex Toys


Long before battery-operated toys, our prehistoric ancestors have already used carved siltstones as dildos. They carve it to a shape of a penis and use it. Not only that, they were also used to chip flint.

In fact, in some parts of Asia, like the Philippines, they have used wooden dildos long ago, which they still make until today and you can buy as a lovely souvenir.


Forget the remote controlled vibrator, Cleopatra used a papyrus box filled with live bees to pleasure herself! Of course they’d vibrate inside right. I wonder what would have happened though if the box tore a hole? Yikes.

18th – 19th Century

Ahh yes, the time of colonization and conquistadors. It is not a big secret that Spanish and French sailors would sail too long in the ocean so much so that manatees looked like mermaids already. I credit Barney Stinson for that theory. But aside from these mermaids, did you know that they also took rubber sleeves to sea with them and called them the “ladies of the journey”?

I hope they wash them with salt water, but even so, that’s still better than having sex with whoever you see first and taking home syphilis with you, right?


Long ago, doctors thought that hysteria could be cured by orgasms, so they treated their female patients by fingering them. Needless to say, it became a hype so they needed to invent some sort of tool to help ladies orgasm without them straining their wrists all day. And so it came to pass that the steam-powered vibrator was invented.

Our modern day vibrators and dildos have traveled a long way since then, and ever since they became popular, doctors have also stopped using them (in the office, I mean).