23 Jul 2013

Sharam Diniz could definitely teach Harry Potter some new tricks

I’ve been told “I love you” before, but never have I enjoyed the true value of that feeling until I saw it “wrapped around” in these fine, dark and curvy body lines that belong to a superb Angolan/Portuguese model, Sharam Diniz, tormenting me while skimping around in the latest Victoria’s Secret Pink collection. I’m feelin’ sleepy already!

I feel ashamed to say I don’t much about Angolan history or heritage, but I’m happy to say that this peach is turning me into someone willing to learn. We do need something to talk about at our first date, don’t we?! Heck, I don’t know much about her, either, but who cares? Just look at her and you’ll feel totally brainwashed in a matter of seconds. That cute little smile combined with those perfect looks should definitely be registered as lethal weapons!

Sharam Diniz is definitely one of the hottest and sexiest “new” babes I’ve seen lately; this peach has a name befitted for a great wizard, which seems about right since one glance at her perfect, slender body will get you mesmerized. She’s so dreamy, there’s no comparison. I love you too, Sharam!