12 Aug 2011

Shanina Shaik will induce drooling within seconds

Gosh, yesterday we went to an awesome pool party and we totally forgot to post the rest of the articles we had planned but… we’re back in action today with the usual dose of hotness for you guys. We’ll start with a girl you’ve probably never heard of, who goes by the name Shanina Shaik and 1) she’s not Irina Shaik’s sister (but she’s almost as hot as her) and 2) she’s just ready to take over the world with her tight little body.

Now I’ve seen a couple of photos with this peach a while ago and she was already a major hottie to begin with, but seeing how amazing she looks in all these sexy swimsuits, well, she just jumped up to supernova levels of hotness. Seriously, is she ridiculously hot or what?

A couple of words about Shanina Shaik before you’ll get to the drooling part. She’s from Australia and she’s just 20 right now. Her mom’s Lithuanian while her father is Arabian which means she has a damn interesting mix of genes that turned out to be really great. She also took part on a reality show called Make Me a Supermodel and… that’s exactly what she is right now, I guess.

So… here’s the adorably hot Shanina Shaik looking like a sexy little minx while posing for the newest swimwear collection from Seafolly. Enjoy!