30 Aug 2011

Shanina Shaik is so cute you may stop breathing

Here’s my new Aussie love, the uber cute Shanina Shaik unleashing her sexy little curves in this brand spanking new photoshoot for the newest collection of skimpy outfits from Free People making us all say “wowzers”! Gosh, I’ve seen the first photos with this peach just a couple of weeks ago and I absolutely adore this hottie already!

I’m sure you guys do too, and you’re probably already going gaga over the top photo of this article and you’re ready to move on to the others as well. In this new photoshoot she’s showing off her hotness in many skimpy outfits, from bikinis to casual clothes she’d wear on a daily basis hanging out with me, proving us all that she looks stunning no matter what she’s wearing!

So, in case you’re looking for a new girl to fall in love, Shanina Shaik should be a name to remember but.. try not to drool too much over her because, I think she’s going to be my future girlfriend. Enjoy the photos and .. have a great evening guys!