21 Aug 2013

Shane van der Westhuizen is sizzling for FHM

If you don’t know who Shane Van Der Westhuizen is by now, well.. you’re probably dead, ’cause no guy standing tall can ignore this South African bombshell and her jaw dropping perfect curves in this special photoshoot for FHM.

Seeing this wonderful cute babe in naughty outfits looking like a drop dead sexy little minx is a privilege and it’s inducing pain in the same time as well. She looks as deadly and stunning as I remember I’ve seen her the last time and kudos to FHM for allowing this peach to torture us this way. ItT sounds a bit S&M, but it’s totally worth it!

Shane van der Westhuizen in a couple of amazing pictures wearing nothing but some super sexy bikinis is enough to turn any guy into pudding; but to enjoy this pretty young thing flaunt her foxy little self in a short video is simply incandescent. Click play at your own risk!