10 Oct 2011

Shane Van Der Westhuizen is sexy from head to toe

Most of you guys probably don’t have a clue who Shane Van Der Westhuizen is, but.. I remember her really, really well, probably because her name is a bit weird and you just can’t forget it. Even though her name sounds a bit Dutch, this peach is a South African bombshell and we’ve previously seen and featured her here with a couple of jaw dropping shots from last year’s swimwear issue from the South African SI.

Now, after about a year, she’s finally back in our attention with another wonderful photoshoot, this time in naughty lingerie for.. Bon Prix. It’s a special Oktoberfest-themed lingerie and here she is looking like a drop dead sexy little minx in these gorgeous lingerie pieces.

She looks as sexy and stunning as I remember and I have to say thanks to the guys and gals from BonPrix for picking this peach to model for them. I don’t know whose idea it was but it was obviously freaking brilliant. Enjoy!