15 May 2014

Sexy Temptress Joy Corrigan Returns

By God, I’m so horny right now.. and it’s so early in the morning. People will start wondering why my cubicle is so quiet, since I’ll be busy staring at this ridiculously hot babe and her ultra sweet body-lines. U.S. native Joy Corrigan is really working it, as the seductive temptress poses for the new Summerlove swimwear collection. I’d give anything to be on that small slice of beach right now!

Ogling mode = on! As I put some serious effort on my retina, going down this fox’s perfectly fit body I can’t help but wonder: does she have a personal trainner, and if so, is he a guy? ‘Cause if he is, well.. that might be the toughest job in the world. Dirty, sweaty, and kinky – all at the same time. To be paid for enjoying Joy’s presence and curves? I’ll take that job, thank you!

Dat a$$! Joy Corrigan is understated at the moment, but I caa’t really understand why. She hasn’t been featured much here, on Brosome, something that needs to change right now. Well, at the moment I’m to concerned with other stuff, really, but it’s on my to-do list. Her name is a hint, but when you get hit with such a sexy pic.. you’re in for the ride of your life. Enjoy!