7 Nov 2013

Sexy kitten Rachel Mortenson is back!

This babe is a fire hazard so… be prepared and get ready for the hot, sweet curvy babe that is American supermodel Rachel Mortenson showing off that tight sexy body of hers in some sweet lingerie outfits from Frederick’s of Hollywood. Yup, another photoshoot with this naughty babe; does anyone mind? I thought so!

I haven’t even recovered after the last time she teased me with her perfect little curves, and yet she’s striking with the full force of a tsunami, sweeping me off my chair and onto the floor. Sure, I may be wet, but it ain’t the tsunami! Still, her stunning good looks and naughty attitude could probably dry any ocean in an instant. Sweet Lord, have mercy!

Rachel Mortenson is so sensual that even if you’re not the religious type you’re still gonna thank God for her sultry looks and fine, fine body. I could drool for hours staring at this foxy, drop dead gorgeous minx. She may be sweet, she may be cute, she my be all you’ve wished for but watch out.. kitten’s got claws! Enjoy!