3 Dec 2013

The wickedly sexy Jessica Cirio is just perfection

Supernova of hotness Jessica Cirio is back! And I gotta say.. somebody’s been working out. I’m hitting the  gym every day but I don’t remember seeing her anywhere around me; trust me, I’d remember! But it’s OK, I get to enjoy her in these hot Cocot lingerie outfits. She’s looking mighty fine and them abs are sexy as hell!

Now we can all agree that Jessica Cirio is one drop dead gorgeous model! She’s also a dancer, which gives me some naughty ideas, so let’s move on.. shall we? This foxy babe has gone under the radar for a while,  there, but such sexiness is bound to be noticed quite easily. Look at her and her tight little body and argue with me.. I dare you!

Jessica Cirio reminds me of those classic, sensual yet decent and beautiful supermodels of the 1980’s. Having said that, here’s a gallery with that totally rocking body of hers, that’s so close to perfection that it hurts. Enjoy!