14 Aug 2017

Why Sexy Doll Brothels Grow In Fame

I’ve been watching a lot of Rick and Morty lately, and I’ve got to say, one of my most favorite episodes in Season 1 would have to be the time when Morty brought home a sex doll and got it pregnant. We all know what happens after. It gives birth to a Gazorpazorp, then, as with all Rick and Morty episodes, the result is a multiayered conversation about parenting, feminism, and surprisingly, even aggression.

Sexy Doll Brothels

Enough of those big words though, because in the end, my real takeaway was the doll. Gwendoline, as Morty called her. It left me wanting to own one myself, for very personal, and you can say, ehem…”scientific bordering on experimental” reasons.

If only there was a way to experience an advanced sex doll…wait. There IS a way!

Say goodbye to inflatables because the future has come to the sex industry. The era of sex dolls and sexy doll brothels have now arrived.

You will be amazed with all the new tech that have been coming out lately. There are now dolls that could match and withstand all your preferences. So much so that moral implications are now being questioned. Would it really help decrease sex-related crimes, or would these dolls only encourage more of these kinds of behavior?

There are now dolls being developed that aim to go more beyond sex. There’s a doll, for instance, who wants to be treated like family. As well as reports of men falling in love with their, well. toys.

In Madrid, a sex doll brothel was opened this year, only to find it closed just a short while after because of humans complaining that their industry is being threatened. It’s starting to feel like the industrial revolution of sex industry. But, LumiDolls, a sex doll agency in Europe says the change is inevitable, it just comes with the rise of technology. It can’t be helped. This is simply the effect of people caging their inner sexual desires, of their fear to express their sexual fantasies with another human beings. This complex scenario just doesn’t happen with dolls. You are free to do anything you want without the need to hold back. Without judgement. Without awkwardness.

Only time can tell how fast these sex doll brothels will spread throughout the world.