4 Dec 2017

Sex Positions You Have Probably Never Heard Of!

Intimacy with your significant other can be repetitive at times, especially when you are the type of person to just want to get that release. However, being intimate with someone special requires a lot more than feeling good. It’s about doing something special, instead of just doing the typical sex routine that you may or may not have had with other people. Keeping things exciting takes a lot of thought process and patience and it requires much more than mere foreplay and in and out. Here are a few sex positions that you have probably never even heard of!

Sex Positions

The Trapeze

If you’re feeling a little wild and daring, The Trapeze is something that you may want to try out. In this position, you will be sitting at the edge of the bed with both your feet on the ground. You will be holding your partner by the waist with their legs hugging your sides and their arms wrapped around your neck. It’s sort of like a cowgirl position but with you sitting up. What makes this a trapeze is that your partner will try to go all the way back and see how far they can lean back. It is one of the positions to try out.

The Burning Man

This position, in particular, is not new to most couples who don’t limit themselves inside the bedroom. For those who love to try having sex in other parts of the house, The Burning Man is a position worth trying out. The Burning Man is a position that requires strength and endurance from both parties since it requires leg stamina. The partner will lay on top of a table with their stomach flat on the surface and both feet either dangling or still touching the ground. You will then be positioned behind them, leaving you capable of thrusting in and out. The intensity of this position gives it the name The Burning Man.

Frog Leap

Frog Leap is a sexual position that requires a lot of leg and thigh strength on the part of the partner. In this position, the partner is positioned in a way of what it would look like if a frog were about to leap. You will be positioned like how one would doggy-style, but the difference is that you will be on your knees. Your partner will then be in a squatting position with both their hands on the ground or the surface of the bed. It is basically an upgraded doggy-style that provides a new angle.