2 Jan 2017

Seven Foods You MUST Have On Your New Year Table If You Want Good Fortune

It’s a new year once again and everyone wants good fortune this coming year. Seriously, who doesn’t? If you want to start the new year right, there are certainly a lot of practices coming from different cultures that provide wisdom to achieve just that – good luck!

At times, these beliefs verge on the magical and the super natural, but to those who believe…or if you’re like me, you’re willing to take that extra step (After all, you’re not going to lose anything anyway, right? In fact, if it works then you have only to gain), here are seven foods believed to bring good luck if you serve it on your New Year table.


Leafy greens, fruits and other food that’s colored green is said to bring good fortune in the next year because the color is a symbol of wealth.


Much like the greens, beans are said to bring good fortune as well. this time, because their appearance symbolize coins. More beans = more coins = a wealthy year ahead.

Pasta or Noodles

Enough about money, let’s talk about life. Want many more new years to come? Then pasta, or basically anything that’s long like noodle strands, will bring long life.


If you’re opting for overall luck, and by that I’m referring to something beyond wealth, then the right food option is to serve lots of grains. Grains, even way back to Ancient Egypt, have always been a symbol of abundance.


Our Mexican brothers have this practice of eating twelve pieces of grapes for each of the twelve counts leading to the start of the new year. Each grape symbolizes a month. A sweet grape will mean a sweet month, while a sour or a bitter grape…well, let’s just say that you would need to take note of that month and be extra careful in making big life decisions. Asian cultures on the other hand collect round fruits and serve them on the New Year table. Much like the beans, round fruits look like coins and thus, they symbolize wealth. Finally, to those who are starting a family (or to those who want to avoid it), fruits with a lot of seeds symbolize fertility.


Pigs are said to be a symbol of good luck because all they do is move forward. I must say if you’re going to serve pork, then that would mean that it wasn’t particularly lucky for the pig.


Finally, some cultures serve ring-shaped cakes for dessert because they symbolize the year coming to a full circle, tying lose ends, which would lead to a fresh start for the next year. And basically, their sweetness would also symbolize a sweet life for the next upcoming year.