13 Feb 2013

Selita Ebanks is back and so are her sexy curves

Whoa, what have we here!? My ex-love and former Victoria’s Secret angel Selita Ebanks showing off her sexy little curves in lingerie once again !?? Yep, that’s it! After many, many months, this ridiculously hot supermodel is finally back in our minds and dreams doing what she probably does best, looking scorching hot in skimpy lingerie.

Here’s Selita Ebanks dropping our jaws straight to the floor while posing for the new lingerie collection from Manor and still looking like a supernova of hotness in the process. This isn’t that much of a surprise, right?  I mean, she’s a supermodel, and it’s her job to look drop dead gorgeous 24/7, and that goes especially for when she’s wearing nothing but skimpy lingerie.

Props to the guys from Manor for designing this awesome collection and also for picking Selita and Alyssa Miller to show it off. Two amazing girls who look even more stunning in this hotness amplifying lingerie. Yes, we’ll post the gallery with Alyssa later today. Enjoy!