24 Aug 2010

Seeing Anita Dujic in motion may actually make you faint

Anita Dujic 1

There’s something about hot chicks washing cars that turn us all on and the girl you’re about to see will totally blow your mind. You might wonder… who the heck is this girl named Anita Dujic? That’s exactly what we’ve thought too when we’ve seen these screen caps from a freaking hot ad she recently made for Nissan.

Apart from the fact that she’s absolutely stunning, this peach is wearing sexy shorts and a sexy t-shirt and if that’s not enough, she starts washing a Nissan Juke pouring water all over her perfectly shaped body. Hot damn. Now that’s a great way to advertise a car. I think Nissans are rubbish but if they’d offer me a free car wash like the one from this one with Anita Dujic then I might think of getting one.

Anyway, back to this babe. Anita Dujic is a model from Croatia and even though I haven’t found as many things as I’d like about her… I know she was a sort of beauty pageant winner in her country and until now she graced on the cover of several mens magazines there.

So, there you go, a bunch of screen caps from a Nissan Juke ad. And the ad. Look at dat ass! And if that’s not enough, we also have a couple of fresh pics with her from a Croatian magazine probably.