3 Jan 2017

See The Future Through These Devices: New Gadgets To Be Released This 2017

I’m the type who doesn’t want to age. I know a couple of guys who just can’t wait to age up like a bottle of wine, but me? No. I hold on to my youth like holding on to my dear life itself. Sunscreen. Moisturizers. You name it, I might just be trying it.

Ironically, I also can’t wait for the future. Self-driving cars. Sex robots with artificial intelligence. Legendary robotic killing machines that can eat biomass. Invading Mars. We are indeed living in a very exciting and fast-paced technological era. Hence, you really can’t blame me when I say that I am just freakin’ excited for a lot of different gadgets to be released this year. I’m even saving up (which basically means denying myself of other worldly pleasures) in order to be able to get my hands on some of the items I’m about to list down here.

I know, I know, you’re excited too. Don’t let me keep you waiting, by all means.

iLuun Air

Don’t you think it’s rather problematic how the management of data is being handled right now?  Sure, we have the Cloud, Dropbox, data cards, among many other things – but all of them, every single one poses a problem. Compatibility with your different gadgets, the need of multiple cables, internet connection, threat of having your data compromised, these are but some of the problems we commonly face every single day in order to access our own files.

Let that not be a bother to us anymore with iLuun Air. iLuun is a wireless USB flash drive that allows us to  store and access our files through our different gadgets through its own personal WiFi network which you don’t need an internet for. No cables. No internet access needed. No threat to hackers because of its private WiFi system. No compatibility issues, as long as your gadget can connect to a WiFi.

Jot Flip

The future of writing is here with the Jot Flip pen that I’m sure comes straight out of a James Bond film. It’s the most precise stylus to date with a dampening tip that can mimic how you actually write (calligraphers, assemble!). Flip it, and you have….an ACTUAL PEN! Who would have guessed? A pen that’s really a PEN!

Air Charge

And finally, what better way to end this list than with a gadget that everyone needs. A charger. The Air Charger is a levitating charger designed for iPhone 7 that can also work for iPhone 6. Yes, that’s right. It levitates your phone while charging it, It’s a thing of real beauty. Honestly, I’ve never seen a more beautiful charger. It’s still a Kickstarter campaign for now, but if you’re lucky to still have slots, you’ll get your own come February 2017 at a lower price.