17 May 2012

Say hello to the uber cute Tanya Mityushina!

Wow, wow and wow! I’m pretty sure you’re going to love me for this post.. I’ve wanted to feature this hottie in here for months but I couldn’t find any high quality photos until this day. This might be just the first time you’ll hear the name Tanya Mityushina but I’m freaking sure you’re going to hear a lot more about this girl in the future.

She’s a young, scorching hot Russian supermodel who’s ready to take over the world with her sexy little body and uber cuteness. I’ve seen a couple of photos of her modeling skimpy lingerie for Intimissimi like.. 3 months ago and since then I’m completely in love with her, even though those pics were uber small and you couldn’t look at this girl’s sexy lil’ curves carefully.

But today we finally found a couple of high quality shots and a video from Intiimissimi and.. even more photos from Triumph lingerie that will give you an idea on how incredible Tanya Mityushina really is. She’s the type of girl I’d bring home to mom and that’s saying a LOT. Enjoy, and from now on, you should remember you know her from Brosome, ok?