13 Apr 2012

Say hello to the adorably hot Julia Liptakova!

I was about to say that I’ve just found a new gorgeous Polish supermodel for you guys and gals but apparently the uber hot Julia Liptakova comes from Slovakia. That’s even better ’cause we haven’t featured too many Slovak hotties in here and… I just happen to know how many beautiful women are in that country since I’ve been in a short trip there a couple of years ago.

Now there’s very little info on this peach on the web right now, all I could find about her is that she was a grid girl for Red Bull that everyone loved and.. this set of lingerie photos with her. It’s not much but it’s more than enough to get you acquainted with her amazing body. Gosh.. get a load of every single inch of her!

Here we have Julia Liptakova prancing around in sexy little lingerie from Mat and dropping our jaws with her mesmerizing curves in the process. If there are more pics with this hottie on the web, just let us know because I’m pretty sure everyone will appreciate more photos of this blonde bombshell. Enjoy!