3 Jul 2012

Say hello to Candice Boucher and her uber hotness

Ah, Candice Boucher !! There was a time when this Candice was my favorite South African hottie and, believe it or not, the whole “Candice is sweet as candy” thing actually started from her, not from my new favorite (and coincidentally my future wife) Candice Swanepoel. We don’t get to see new photos of Candice Boucher too often but she’s still drop dead sexy.

Today she’s finally back in our minds and dreams with a breathtaking lingerie photoshoot where she’s showing off a whole lot of everything and… stirs up some old feelings. She’s posing for the a lingerie collection from Variance and looks like the definition of “sexy” in the process.

Is it just me or does she look even hotter now? I’m used to see her in bikinis in which she’s absolutely dreamy but this hotness amplifying lingerie really does the trick. Enjoy the pics!