26 Jun 2017

Say Hello To Clea-Vag – Yes, It’s A Thing.

Boobs are still one of the greatest things ever created by God if He really does exist. I love you Man, thank you! And I can still drown myself for hours in between two magical boobs and rest my face on an equally magical cleavage.

But when Hannah Davis came out as the cover girl of Sports Illustrated magazine to show her wonderful clea-vag to the world, it became a thing.


What is a cleavag?

The cleavage is the indention in between the boobs, right? It’s like a magical valley that lets you know that the boob is bigger if it looks deeper.

The cleavage on the other is the indention of muscles that would lead your eyes down to the crotch area. We also have that mark as guys that would lead to the penis, especially if a guy is really buff and the muscles there are exploding. But even so, they are definitely not as magical as the cleavag.

Have you seen the cover already? You should. The effect is so strong that we have invented a term for it, and that her photo has actually started a debate amongst women to answer the question: how low is too low?

If you ask me, the photo still looks tasteful. Sure, she looks like she’s inviting us to take a look at that area – but who wouldn’t? With a body like that, it’s definitely worth to be proud of and want to share it to the world. And while a lot of people say that it leaves too little for the imagination, I say, the cleavag itself in particular, has given me a lot to think about. Like a nice trailer for an upcoming movie. It doesn’t really spoil much but it makes you crazy with anticipation.

How about you, is showing the cleavag too much?