28 Feb 2017

The Savage E-Bike With All The Juice – The Night Shift Leafy Savage

Question: what does it take to make one mean e-bike? The answer? Two organ donors: the Suzuki Savage and the Nissan Leaf. With these two vehicles offering their parts, the world gets the e-bike, Night Shift Leafy Savage. Honestly, I thought the Nissan Leaf had a really cute name (after all, it stands for “leading environmentally-friendly affordable family car). It was perfect for that adorable looking car…but now that it has been merged with the parts of the Savage, suddenly the “leaf” on the name of this new e-bike is not so cute. In fact, it’s awesome.

The Night Shift Leafy Savage

To be more specific on which parts come from which, this bike uses the chassis of the Suzuki Savage for the overall form of this bike, while it gets its juice from the Nissan Leaf’s battery pack. Can’t imagine the look of this ride? Just take a look at the pictures. It’s one lean mean bike, that’s for sure.

And it runs like a total badass as well. It can maintain a consistent 13HP and can max up to 40 if need be. Let’s not forget to main attraction on this thing – the juice. It’s got the 96-volt battery pack from Nissan Leaf after all. Remember that song by The Proclaimers? If you don’t believe that they can walk 500 miles, and even 1000 miles more, then let me give you something just as awesome, but much more believable. This thing can run up to a hundred miles in just a SINGLE charge.

You might be thinking: “Okay, sure. That is awesome. But it might take forever to charge this thing. After all, I’m charging a bloodycar!” Well, allow me to answer that concern my dear sir. It only takes three freaking hours to charge this thing to a full, and after that quick pit stop, you can go ride for another hundred miles again if you want.