13 Sep 2011

Sasckya Porto in lingerie will knock you off your chair

Hoochie mama! Now here’s another girl you’ve probably never heard of, coming straight from Brazil, meet the drop dead gorgeous Sasckya Porto, lingerie model, Miss Brazil and Playboy Playmate. Gosh.. how come I didn’t knew absolutely anything about this peach until this day???

I haven’t heard of the Flirt lingerie catalog either but I can tell you one thing: getting Sasckya to show off her rollercoaster curves in their lingerie is definitely the best way to get people to look at it and have a perfect excuse if they’re caught by anyone drooling like fools over this peach. “Umm, I’m planning to buy this for girlfriend..” yeaah, right!

Anywaays, as you can easily see from any of these photos, this peach has everything you could want: killer legs, a mesmerizing pair of tatas, one hell of a booty, a stunning face… absolutely everything. Words just don’t do justice to this girl’s amazing beauty so I’m going to stop right here and leave you guys enjoy this drool inducing photoshoot for Flirt Lingerie featuring Brazilian bombshell Sasckya Porto.