29 Oct 2012

Sarah Stephens is going to be your new favorite hottie

Oh. My. God !!! I rarely start a new post with ‘omg’ but every single time I do.. it’s totally worth it. I hope you don’t have any heart problems because this brand spanking new lingerie photoshoot from Agent Provocateur is so damn hot that you may actually feel physical pain while you’ll be gawking like a fool at these photos.

Believe it or not, this is just the first time we’re featuring the stunningly sexy Australian hottie Sarah Stephens, a girl who looks.. well, stunningly sexy, of course. And downright perfect from head to toe, especially when she posses in sexy little lingerie (which is something that she does pretty often). I don’t have a clue why we haven’t featured her yet, but I guess it’s better late than never right?

This girl is so freaking hot that she’ll even make you believe in love at first sight and, since her photoshoot for Agent Provocateur is making me a bit delirious right now, I’m gonna stop here and let you guys click on the sexy thumbnails below. Go on..