11 Nov 2013

Oh my, Sara Sampaio is one sexy temptress

This day is not quite over, but I feel like I am. I’m running on fumes and my favorite Portuguese supermodel isn’t planning on helping me out; oh, no! The lovely Sara Sampaio is killing me softly as she’s unleashing a drop dead sexy mix of killer curves in these skimpy lingerie outfits from Aqua Bendita. She’s looking so freaking sweet it hurts, oozing cuteness and easily melting me into a puddle. I’m speechless!

This peach is back, yet again, showing off her groovy little body in lingerie and doing what she probably does best, i.e. looking hot and dropping our jaws straight to the floor. I don’t know about you guys, but seeing this babe and her rockin’ body… killer cleavage, legs, and all the rest of her screaming hot curves my mind just thinks up so many scenarios that Hugh would be jealous. Oh, yeah!

I don’t even know if I can find the right words to describe this foxy babe and how much she impresses me. You’re probably going to zoom on every single inch of Sara Sampaio and her temptress body so… I’m gonna cut this one short and let you guys (and why not, girls) get to the clicking and drooling part. I’m already there! Enjooooy!