10 Feb 2011

Sara Jean Underwood in lingerie will melt your eyeballs!

Sara Jean Underwood Valentines

The scariest day of the year for bros all over the world, Valentine’s Day, is just around the corner and I’m pretty sure that’s exactly what you’ll think of a day before it when you’ll finally remember that you should buy a sort of gift for your girl. Any heart-shaped stuff would be ok, especially this heart-shaped lingerie that you’re about to see. She would like that and you will absolutely love that!

It’s been a while since we’ve last featured one of the hottest playmates ever on our site, Sara Jean Underwood, but today I’ve found this drop dead gorgeous photoshoot with her that seems pretty new so I’ve decided it’s time to show you a new batch of photos with her hotness.

I haven’t seen these pics before so I guess they’re pretty new and what I like the most is that she’s rocking a lot of clothes with hearts on ’em. Sweet t-shirts with a tiny heart right where my eyes go and especially that lovely heart-shaped lingerie that I know you’ll all appreciate. How could I get that for Valentine’s day? I’m not talking only about that lingerie, I want Sara in that lingerie. That would be the perfect gift for me.

Anyways, here’s Sara Jean Underwood looking ridiculously sexy as she usually does in this new photoshoot for Valentine’s Day, I guess. Enjoy!