30 Mar 2017

The Sangria Series: Strawberry Lemonade Sangria (1 out of 4)

Ahh, spring time. The season where everything is in bloom, the breeze invites with a soulful whiff of the fresh aromas of nature as it wakes up from a long slumber. The time where nature and the world is reaching its prime as well as announcing the arrival of summer, the time where the circle of life is at its peak. And what would be the best drink accompany us this fine season in welcoming the cheerful season of life other than the very refreshing drink that is also inspired by the essence of life. Sangria.

Strawberry Lemonade Sangria

For this drink series we shall be presenting to you four several recipes of sangria that you can during your bright afternoons.

This recipe yields up to one cold pitcher full of Sangria. Enjoy!


2 pounds of large ripe strawberries, quartered

1 large lemon sliced into strips

A bottle of your finest white wine

A cup of white rum

4 cups of lemonade

A cup of your fragrant and sparkling champagne

½ cup of simple syrup


*Slice your fruits according to the ingredient specifications of your recipe. It is advisable to do it in front of your porch or your balcony while enjoying a bowl full of your favorite mix of pipe tobacco.

*In a large chilled pitcher or pitcher with cubes of ice pour in your strawberry slices together with your simple syrup.

*Next pour in the pitcher your sliced lemons together with a bottle of your finest white wine. Stir the concoction.

*After stirring the concoction pour in your white rum and your lemonade, slightly stir it and refrigerate for more than four hours.

* After refrigerating the sangria, pour in the champagne and mix the concoction before serving. Just remember to scoop up some of the fruit slices into your serving glasses before serving.