20 Apr 2017

The Sangria Series: Dark Berry Sangria (2 out of 4)

Just like the different seasons of nature as well as our soul, there are different phases and moments that makes everything exist in balance, harmony, sweetness, bitterness, love, and utter satisfaction. Spring time together with the other phases of nature’s season they teach as the value of a true soulful living experience that is closely in harmony with our inner nature as well as with the collective nature of the world by appreciating the ups and downs of everything that is happening to us.

Dark Berry Sangria

In this sangria recipe you will learn in every sip of this dark fruity concoction that in order to live a life full of life, and where soul is evidently thriving during this season, that you need to reflect upon your journey through the deepest and darkest corners of your being where you are going to be initiated and eventually enlightened once you will experience another spring of your own life when you emerge from you’re your pensive wandering inside.

Just like the first recipe in this drink series, this recipe also yields up to a large pitcher of sangria.


A cup of fresh and ripe black berries

A cup of sliced large strawberries

A cup of ripe blueberries

A bottle of your best red wine

A cup of brandy

3 cups of apple juice

2 cups of lemon or lime soda

½ cup of simple syrup


*In a large chilled pitcher or filled with several cubes of ice pour in your ripe black berries, slices of large and ripe strawberries, and ripe blueberries.

*Once the fruits have settled inside the pitcher, slowly pour in the bottle of your red wine as well as your simple syrup. Mix the concoction lightly.

*Pour in the brandy and three cups of apple juice, and stir the concoction before refrigerating for more than four hours.

*Once the concoction is properly chilled pull it out of the chiller. Pour in the lemon or lime soda. Stir it before serving.